Final Reflection

This game is fun to play and triggers competitive behaviors among players, but I think it lacks some elements that could have made it better.

At first, I wanted it to be like the game Tricky Towers: a physic-based game, fun to play with friends with a little bit of competition, random events. But there is something in this game that I have to failed to implement is Tictactocalypse. The fact that all player place pieces on the same board is maybe too much (in Tricky Tower, each player has a individual tower) and bonuses and maluses are maybe too powerful.

Another thing that I think is missing is the discovery aesthetic to the game. I think I could have made this aesthetic more important by adding more event and changing the scarcity of them (maybe have some really rare event). For now, there only are 4 different events, and in a single game, a new player can see them all.