Tictactocalypse is a funnier, realtime and apocalyptic version of the game TicTac-Toe. Players battle to place pieces on a board, and trigger events in order to disrupt others! Play up to four players at the same time!

I made this game as a game design project for the game design class I took for one semester at Cal State Monterey Bay.

The project was made in 3 weeks with the following game design documents to produce:

  • A rulesheet, which describes all that the player need to know in order to play the game (the goal of the game, the inputs, the events)

  • A MDA (Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics) to analyse the game mechanics, the dynamics created by the player with those mechanics and the feelings that the game induce

  • A final reflection on the project, reflection on the game and its different iterations and the difference from the first prototype

screenshot 1

Download the game