Journal app idea

An app that make a monthly journal from the things you did each week and wrote articles from data you produced during this time like discussions, calls, photos, position and time.

It’s like a personal diary but with automatic data gathering to help you remember, summarize and write about the bests bits of your life.

The goal of this app is to help people create memories and keep them in real paper form.

Data gathering

Automatic imports from the phone

A lot of data can be imported from others app that already collect data about the user. This data includes :

  • Photos, their position and datetime
  • Position in Google Maps
  • Events in Calendar
  • Phone calls
  • And some information about what you did on your phone:
    • Discussions from messaging apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram…
    • Spotify to see music you listened to
    • Posts you liked
    • Search history


Some information still need to ba gathered manually :

  • Persons you saw today
  • Things that happen in real life, like topics of discussions, drama, etc…
  • the mood
  • things you ate each day
  • your feelings about things

The user will be able to easily enter this information through the note module

The wiki

With all this information, the user builds some sort of Wiki of his life. From the places you’ve been, to the people you’ve seen, all will be link in an easy to navigate Wikipedia like site.

The user can also edit things manually to add details, information and to link elements together.

Some pages will we automatically generated where the user can browse data about the information link to this.

  • Places
  • Peoples
  • Important dates

The posts

The user can writes posts about anything, a person, an event, his life, a place… To do this, there will be a text editor in the app, where you can write text in a Markdown kind of way to add formatting, images, tables, links…

These posts can also be exported in albums, that the user can order through the app to have a real book of his life.


The stack :

Automatic data gathering

The data can be imported from the multiple other application that provides access (or APIs) :

  • Photos from the gallery (or Snapchat, Google photos, etc…)
  • Calls and messages from the phone (or other app most used by the user like Messenger, Whatsapp, etc…)
  • Position with the location tracking features of Google Maps
  • History of their browser (Chrome, Brave, etc…)
  • History on Youtube
  • Liked posts from different apps
  • Musics from Spotify history
  • Events from calendar app, or Google Agenda