New York Christmas


I made this game for the Christmas GameJam 2016. My idea was to make a platformer game on the roofs of New york and the player can use icycles (like icy tentacles) to make bridges across the drops to move around buildings.

The icycles are procedurally generated and can break under the player’s weight.

The Lore

Bad luck for Santa Claus on this Christmas Eve : his sleigh is broken and his reindeers are on strike! He needs now to deliver presents to all the New York City children…

You will have to jump from roof to roof, gather scattered presents to feed the targeted chimney with the help of a secret weapon… Icy Tentacles!

Discover the 10 first levels of this frozen Christmas night !


Move W A S D
Look around Mouse
Interact E
Grow an icy tentacle Left Click

Screenshots of the game

Download the game