BUF discovery internship

This was a 2 weeks internship where I learned the basics of visual effects making, the workflow and managed to create my first 3D renders myself.

Buf Compagnie

Founded in 1984, BUF has established itself as an industry leader in visual effects in Europe. As one of the few pioneers of computer-generated images, BUF has been blazing new trails for over 30 years providing stunning visual effects for more than 80 films and 1000 commercials.

Here are a few of the most recent movies and series with BUF compagnie visual effects


They develop their own software for all the steps of the workflow. More information on the Bsuite here.

A complete 3D pipeline studio from modeling, dynamics, animation to high end rendering, a node-based compositing software, a batch process manager and many more…



I mainly used Bstudio during this internship as its the main software from 3D modeling to rendering (so accessible enough without having to learn a ton of concepts at one).

Different screenshots to show to possibilities offered by Bstudio

Dominos simulation

My first exercise was to make a system to place 3D dominos along a curve. I made two renders with this basic system, first along a spiral and then with dominos varying in size.

I also made a script to place dominos in a triangular shape and made a big metal ball fall onto them.

Destructible objects

I also deigned a system to break 3D object in small pieces using a Voronoi noise by sampling points in a model, moving their position a little with noise, and cutting the object in multiple pieces (each with their own rigidbody). When the object is touched, the object is destroyed!

The voronoise placing segment exactly in the middle of given points

I also experimented more in depth with procedural materials for the debris.

Liquid simulation

I tried to make a liquid simulation but didn’t manage to get the settings quite right.